Animal Token

DeFi project that helps
homeless animals

Animal Token is a project designed to help homeless animals.

The main goal of the Animal Token Project is to provide all possible help to homeless animals, such as:

  • charitable activities to existing shelters
  • building shelters around the world
  • adoption assistance


0.3% of each transaction is credited to the charitable wallet.
The smart contract code is posted on our GitHub page. Anyone can visit the page in and study it.
Stray Token released on Binance Smart Chain platform
The smart contract passed a comprehensive audit confirming its transparency and proper operation.

Stray Tokenomics

Total issue: 1,000,000,000 Stray

Emission distribution:
of STRAY tokens - marketing, airdrop, bounty
STRAY tokens - incentives for token holders in the first 6 months distributed evenly over 6 months
of STRAY tokens - burnt
of STRAY tokens - liquidity pool
of STRAY tokens - remain for future charitable assistance to shelters

STRAY will be listed on the decentralized Pancake Swap exchange to purchase and exchange tokens.
The following commissions will be in effect as part of the smart contract:

from each transaction is credited to the charitable wallet
from each transaction is distributed among the token holders
from each transaction passes to the developers to pay for the team's activities

2-Stray Ecosystem

2-STRAY is a platform designed to help target shelters, a specific animal, or adoption.

The platform involves the addition of funding objects by community members, as well as voting on the budget distribution.
Moreover, NFT tokens with photo and video materials of real animals will be traded on the platform. Funds from the sale of such tokens will be used specifically for the care of a particular animal, and the holder of the token will be its trustee.

2-Stray platform features

Interaction of community members
Users will be able to exchange private messages, keep personal pages and much more.
Voting for budget distribution
Any participant will be able to take part in the voting, which will result in the selection of funding objects.
Adding funding objects
Any member of the community will be able to propose an object of funding through a special section.
NFT token exchange
By buying such tokens, the user will be able to help a particular animal, take it into care.


Q3 2021
  • Animal Token release
  • DEX listing
  • smart contract auditing
  • listing on CoinMarketCap and Coingecko
  • Allocating $20,000 to help shelters in countries in fragile situationswith animal homelessness
Q4 2021
  • launch of the beta version of the 2-STRAY platform
  • launch of the beta version of the Stray.Wallet
  • attraction of more than 5,000 active members to the community
  • adoption of the first animals
  • Allocating $50,000 to help shelters in countries in fragile situations with animal homelessness
Q1 2022
  • Listing on CEX
  • release of the 2-STRAY and Stray.Wallet platform
  • the release of the first NFT tokens with images of animals in need of help
  • starting your own animal shelter from the Animal Token community
  • Allocating more than $100,000 to help shelters in countries in fragile situations with animal homelessness through the 2-STRAY platform

How to buy Stray?

Download MetaMask
Send BNB
to MetaMask

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